Marinwood Tennis

August 11,2016

Twilight 7.5 2016 Champions -- by Beth Crittenden

Dudes. Duuuudes. Big congratulations to the 7.5 team for following in the 6.5 team's footsteps! 100% of Marinwood Twilight teams took home the gold this year. Wow. What a privilege to hang out and play with you people! Thank you for so much fun this season. We are great.

Thanks to RayRay, Tony, Hamid, Ken, and Ken's friend who I rudely did not introduce myself to (sorry!), for coming out and cheering us on. It was so awesome to have a real cheering section.

This was another fun nail-biter match. I cannot believe we won both the semifinal and final by 1 set! And the last set tonight, the clincher, was a heroic effort by Jonathan and Paul who stayed steady and clever with like the whole world watching, and the whole enchilada on the line. Literal amazeballs!

Oh, also, RH had every line as far as I remember with an actual 4.0 and 3.5 pairing tonight. We had TWO 4.0s in the lineup tonight, that's it! Bad News Bears Central. Feelgood story of 2016.

Hi-5s all around~

2016 Twilight Twin Champions!  6.5 and 7.5

August 10,2016

Twilight 6.5 2016 Champions -- by Gina Gogna

We are the 6.5 Twilight Champions. What a gorgeous evening for a Championship Match, Ray thanks for coming out early to blow the courts off. Maurita and Judy battled a pretty solid team after they were down 3-0, battled all the way back to take that set 6-3, then won the next 6-4. You both looked awesome . Gina and Ray won the first set 6-3, and were down 1-5 in the second set, battled all the way back to tie it up 5-5, losing the tie Break 8-6. Then digging deep to win 10-2. Always love playing with you Ray. We balance each other's game nicely . Hamid and Ian had some nice rallies and Ian your smashes and put aways at the net were textbook. Hamid your angle shots were a thing of beauty . Great straight set win. Donna and Carlos played a mixed team that was so consistent they seemed to get everything back, but Donna your net game with those angles pretty much sealed the deal and Carlos, your serve and the way you ran everything down was simply entertaining . Gotta say thanks to our teammates who didn't play for coming out to cheer us on . Tina, Jose,Paul, Rick , as always it is such a pleasure to captain this team as you all are such great sports, win or lose . Your captains Gina, Maurita, Hamid and Joy

July 3,2016

Mixed 8.0 Home Match vs Mill Valley -- Denise Dupree

The Holiday weekend didn't stop the Gotta Wannas as we swept our 1st match at Mill Valley Tennis Club! Huzzahhh!!

Temps in the 80s in Lucas Valley/Marinwood dropped in the fog to the 60s- the classic summer pattern!

Line 1 duked out each and every point against a wiley 4.5 man and a solid 3.5 woman just missing the 1st set as he started to lob Dee. Staying steady they found their opening and brought home the 2nd set. Longest on the court they took the momentum and pulled out the 3rd set tie breaker with panash!

Line 2 contended with learning each others play of style while defending against non-traditional shot making from their woman opponent. Awesome communication and big smiles helped them squeeze out the 1st set tie breaker. Encouraging eachother to stay agressive and having their plan firmly in hand they rolled quickly through the 2nd set victory!

Line 3 worked from a twilight victory but started a bit slow getting down 4-0 and needing to adjust to the bold 4.0 play. Pulling themselves together they dismissed the intimidation meshed thier styles and resolve to methodically bring the 1st set to a tie breaker AND win it 7-5! As the wind got completely wild and everyone was losing serve they stayed steady and brought home a solid 2nd set win just in time to watch the line 1 tie breaker!

Nice JOB Team! Way to start with a flourish! Next week is a home match- be sure to come out and watch the action!

Marinwood takes 4 Championships at the Marin Tennis Club Memorial Day Tournament:

-- Gina Gogna/Carla Willey, Women's 3.0

-- Maida Brankman/Beth Crittenden, Women's


-- Thomas Chang/Jonathan Ivory, Men's 3.5

-- Gina Gogna/Hamid Krimiyanha, Mixed 3.0

               photos courtesy of Marin Tennis Club

April 29, 2017

Lagina Creek Racquet Club, Elk Grove

Day 1, Women's 40+  3.5 Team District Championship

by Denise Dupree

It was a warm & windy day at Elk Grove yesterday as the team arrived to the Sacramento area.  Gathered in high spirits in the Lobby of the lovely Laguna Creek Racquet Club.  The 40+ districts are a slightly more contained affair than the 18+ but Marinites still had chances to cheer each other on a gather in solidarity.  MTC W4.0 swept yesterday and were happy to send best wishes with us onto the court.
After the typical orientation with reminders about sportsmanship and timing the team was left milling for a bit as the club tried to conquer the leave on the court driven in by the increasing WINDS.  Leaving the Dias first, Andrea head off to a far court to meet an undefeated player from Sierra Sport in Fresno.  Shortly followed by Maida.  Then there was a very long delay as winds made more and more court unplayable.  Coming through the crowd our cheering section from Marin arrive barely recognizable in their non tennis clothes.  Thank you Carlos & Karl for coming out to cheer us on!
2s-Maida got off to a quick start Dominating her opponent in the 1st set and getting off to a fast start up 3-0.  Playing in an unbelievable pile of swirling leaves against a steady & composed opponent.  Pulling out ahead she took the 1st set and pushed forward deep into the 2nd set getting up 5-4.  Her opponent pushed back hard & determined to take the 2nd set in a tie breaker.  Then the tension with really high and they battled through the tie breaker.  Coming back from a set point down she gritted her teeth and taking support from one of our cheer leader, Carlos Lamas-Babbini she pulled even at 9-9 and set her sights on the win.  Mentally tough she ground out a fantastic 13-11 win!! (6-3, 6-7, 13-11)
1s-Andrea got a late start even though she was put on court early.  Also playing an undefeated singles player she fought long (long) points against a slicing player.  With her infectious smile and her amazing athleticism she found the key and got up 5-1 in the second set.  Lunging for a drop shot she pulled something in her hip but worked hard to ease the pain and stay in the match.  The tension grew but like all great champions she found a way limping and grinning off the court with a 7-5 win!  (6-3, 7-5). All our hearts go out to you, Andrea, sorry for the injury and  wishing you a speedy recovery!
1d-Francine & Christy had a Wiley but slight less mobile doubles pair against them.  They came out hard giving our girls the tough ground strokes and power serves you know they love!  "Thank you very much" as Christy put thing away with her signature punch.  They took the 1st set in a clean but competitive way.  Then they changed tactics and let the lob & slob fest begin.  They frustrated out girls with their ability to keep those high balls in the court against the wind getting up 4-1.  Steadying themselves, they rallied against the soft shot game and pushed forward game by game.  Pulling their long time partnership together their team work was clearly the deciding spice that brought the win.  Their opponents wiggled under the pressure and they came off the court relieved to have brought it home in 2!  (6-3, 7-5)
2d-Judy & Erin had a very competitive 1st set that I frankly thought they had lost (my bad).  The team they played had great double movement and many practiced plays. But they were completely unprepared for the pure grace and athleticism of our team.  Keeping each other's spirits high they both danced across the court making amazing shots from corner to corner.  Erin drove the ball inlong cross court rallies in counter point to Judy's staccato put always!  The wind was so intense that they had to wait for additional balls after 2 went over the fence.  Our Gals had focus!  Nice 1st showing at a post season event ladies!  We're so proud!  (6-3, 6-4)
3D-Niki & Bobbi went on very very late and the wind had become an actual roar!  After all the sitting-waiting for over an hour finding the ball in the wind was a challenge.  They played against 2 long time players that the spectators nick named "backboard Betty & the Beast"! Long cross court fallacies with the net players stalking the balls their game styles were similar.  Sad for our heroines more of their lines put aways and back hand lobby hit the line and though w2ell fought our gals found themselves down a set.  Their ladies pressed the advantage and got up 4-1 in the 2nd when our gals found their stride.  Inching back they got back to 4-5, 40-30- so cl;see to turning the tide.  But  yesterday was not to be their day.  While disappointed, both are eager for their next time on the court and another chance to bring home a W against these tough post season teams! (2-6, 4-6)
All the best! 

Denise- Day 1 courtside reporter!  Pictures to follow our return- no way to get them off the camera!

Editor's Note:  a Great Great Big THANK YOU and WELL DONE to the Twilight Captains:  Gina, Hamid, Beth, Teri, Maurita,  Denise, and Joy. You make this all happen!

July 10,2016

Mixed 8.0 Home Match vs Mt. Tam Racquet Club -- Denise Dupree

It was an awesome day for tennis at Marinwood! Warm inthe sun, cool in the shade with just a bit of gustiness happening at the end of the match. The sweetest team ever showed up and worked hard to clear the courts before the match (leafy gusts having made them less than pristine-ughh) SO SO Awesome! We also had a spectator gracing us with extra cheering power- yeah Ms. Omholt!

Line 1 had a bit of a rocky start and got deeply behind to some wellknown frien-emies! Having the memory of last weeks win in their pockets they slogged their way into a first set tie breaker. Nip and tuck both teams had their moments up and that 1st set really could have gone either way. They had the answer: Dee pulled out her terrifying serve setting up the put aways for Pete and they took it home. Having demoralized their worthy opponents they rode the momentum through a crushing win of the 2nd set . They were off the courts 1st. Nice commitment and team work folks!

Line 2 father and daught team also got off to a rocky start. Elise took a set to dust off her racket and sharpen her competative juices after nearly a year off the courts. They found the rythm and surged ahead in the 2nd set (4-1) only to watch their opponents up their game to the challenge and push back. A tense tie breaker found Elise being the steady backboard of last year they came out ahead. A full third set which kept spectators glued to their benches trading breaks and many awesome points ended in them coming out ahead to make the match a sweep!

Line 3 started off very strong with Janets steady return and Sashas domination of the net (up 5-1). Huey (their opponent) found his spin game and we waivered a bit trying to take home the 1st set. They dug in their heels and met the challenge bringing in the tie break win. (Nail BITER!) Having found the winning formula, they also hammered out a fast 2nd set without mercy! Nice adjustments kids- way to stay in it and take home the match win!

Next week's match is at Rafael Racket and I won't be here for that one. . . If anyone else feels the pen we'd love to hear how it went? LMK!? Gooooo Ma-RIN-wood! Ya just GOTTA WANNA WIN!

All the best,
Captain Denise


2016 Mixed 40+  7.0 team

is Season Champion!

Marinwood Champions Mira Schwirtz and Stacey Kaplan

at the 2017 Hal Wagner Tournament

September 5, 2017

Congratulations to Mira Schwirtz and Stacey Kaplan, who took the championship at Rafael Racquet Club’s 2017 Hal Wagner doubles tournament in one of the toughest divisions, the Women’s 3.5.  Well done, Mira and Stacey! You two played so beautifully!

Congratulations also to Marinwood’s part-time coach Wakana Turner and her partner Molly Neal. In a display of Labor Day fireworks, Wakana and Molly exploded their way to champions in the Women’s Open division. Amazing stuff!

Mother Nature made a prominent appearance at this event. On Friday and Saturday afternoons, the temperature reached 108 degrees in San Rafael. Everyone this reporter asked about the topic said they had never played in anywhere near that much heat. Saturday afternoon saw many retirements. These weren’t just for comfort, but due to conditions that were borderline dangerous. Kudos to all of you who made the right decision not to push it. Safety first! Sunday’s and Monday’s conditions were substantially cooler.

On Monday afternoon, it rained! But play was only delayed forty minutes. The courts were so warm, they dried in minutes after the narrow shower line passed through.

Marinwood had a total of 19 full or partial teams at the event.

Women’s 3.0:    Gina Gogna/Brenda Leerar – quarter finalists
                         Donna Schmidt/Karen Rhodes – round of 16

Women’s 3.5:    Mira Schwirtz/Stacey Kaplan – Champions!
                        Christy Webster/Francie Burkhard – semi finalists
                        Maida Brankman/Andrea Goldfien – quarter finalists

Women’s Open:  Wakana Turner/Molly Neal – Champions!

Men’s 3.5:         Thomas Chang/Brian Nishinaga – semi finalists
                         Hamid Karimiyanha/Brian Kaplan – round of 16

Men’s  4.0:        Sacha Drazien/Chris Ventris – semi finalists

Mixed 3.0:         Gina Gogna/Tony Hoff – finalists
                         Karen Rhodes/John Zwerlein – retired
                         Carla Willey/ David Gogna – retired

Mixed 3.5:         Elysia Scott/Ian Scott – finalists
                         Thomas Chang/Francie Burkhard – semi finalists
                         Mira Schwirtz/Paul Gietzel – round of 16
                         Maurita O’Donnel-Kessler/Hamid Karimiyanha  – round of 16

Mixed 4.0:         Michelle Gurman/Sacha Drazien – quarter finalists

Mixed 4.5:         Andrea Goldfien/Jeff Goldfien – round of 16

Mixed Open:      Wakana Turner/John Trimble - semi finalists

A very special Thank You! goes out to Hamid for being so helpful and supportive all weekend and keeping everyone in line!

Congratulations to everyone who participated! You’re all champions! For our Marinwood tennis community to represent with so many players, and especially so many boisterous and supportive spectators, is truly amazing! Thank you to all the loyal fans who braved the sometimes awful conditions to be there for the team. Marinwood definitely wins the championship for heart and camaraderie and support.

Thank's also to the great team at Rafael Racquet Club for orchestrating such a well-run tournament in some grueling conditions. See you there next year!

-- Tony Hoff

August 7,2016

Women's 18+  3.5 District Championships, Folsom, CA, Aug. 5-7, 2016 by Francie Burkhard

Nicole is going to send out recap from Sat as I was not there but just FYI we came up short one match each day loosing 2-3 all 3 days. Although we might have lost each day there were so many close matches and so many variables at play (the heat, strategies with line ups, who was available, etc). We all said yesterday we will just be better prepared next time!
Sunday was again super hot! Margaret played line 2 singles but apparently may have gotten the line 1 gal and was very pleased with how she played. Great job Margaret!! She had a close first set 4-6 and lost the second 2-6, but put up a great fight. Line 2 doubles was Denise and Ronda, who also put up a good fight, although their scores weren't as close Denise said it was one of those matches when most games went to deuce and long rallies with exciting points. Way to go ladies!! Playing in their first match together Maurita and Christy both said they arguably didn't have their "best day" which we all know how that feels. They were great sports and had fun so hats off to the 2 of you!!
Niki and Francie played line 1 singles and came out of the gate with a bang winning the first set 6-1. Odd thing was that the score wasn't reflecting how well our opponents were playing and then we flipped scores in the 2nd and they took it 1-6. We were very evenly matched but our steady mental game and determination set us apart and we took the tie break 10-4! Super fun tennis and a had a great time playing with Niki, her amazing coverage of the back court allowed me to be very aggressive at the net and brought us home the win.
The big winner at districts is our newest addition and rock star athlete Andrea. She won all 3 days and did so easily on Sun taking it 6-1, 6-1. Her stamina and grace on the court was truly impressive, not to mention her incredibly positive attitude, always with a smile on her face! Not sure how long we will hold on to you Andrea as you might move up, but you are a great teammate for many reasons!!
Really impressed with how many of the MW ladies made sacrifices to come to districts, rearranging plans, leaving behind families (and house guests in my case) to endure lots of driving and the heat. Way to come together for a great end to a great season. Proud of all of us!