Marinwood Tennis

"It was great fun participating in this and the pros were exactly that. They made it fun and encouraged us along the way and didn't destroy us amateurs with their power.

Thanks to all from a happy participant!"

Jay Zimmerman

2015 Pro-Am Tournament

The 2015 Marinwood Pro Am is in the record books and by the reaction we've been getting it was quite the success.

We had an almost perfect break in the weather, although the temperature throughout the day let us know we are in mid-December. The first flight started right on schedule at 9am. Islay Fossett and Kim Schulist won the Women's Gold division with 21 points, 3 points ahead of the second place team of Jennifer Nedd and Wakana Turner. In the Men's Silver, Sacha Drazien and Brian Denny dominated with 20 points, coming in 5 points ahead of second place Matin Torabian and Birt Phejtrakul.

In the second flight, Mike Malik and Brian Denny were unstoppable in the Men's Gold division, accumulating 21 points and coming in 4 points ahead of Jonathan Ivory and Birt Phejtrakul. The Women's Silver division was closely fought, ending in a tie between Elysia Scott/Molly Neal and Christy Webster/Kim Iliffe. Dolores Roque and Wakana Turner were 1 point behind at 16.

The enjoyment of the Pro-Am players was palpable, and that joy transferred to the raucous crowd. You could often hear someone in the crowd say "...Wow, I'm signing up next year..."

The serve speed contest presented a bit of a handicap. The speed reading device could only be read if it was facing away from the sun, which meant the 12 contestants had to serve directly into the sun. Scott Meyers won the men's with 96 miles per hour. Jonathan Ivory came in just under at 95 miles per hour. Birt Phejtrakul tried it as well and also hit 96, so Scott and Jonathan, you're right up there with good company. Islay Fossett won the women's with 80 miles per hour (watch out Serena). Jennifer Nedd came in second with 68 miles per hour.

The Exhibition matches between the Pros were awe-inspiring. Kim Schultz and Jerry Mehciz took on Molly Neal and Jon Lefferts. Wakana Turner and Jonathan Ivory matched with Kim Iliffe and Birt Phejtrakul. After one set, the players switched opponents and played a super tie-breaker. It was a level of tennis not often seen on the Marinwood courts. Quite a treat for the 40 spectators who lined the courts.

All in all, the event was a big success. It was such a fun day of tennis and we raised over $1800 for Marinwood court resurfacing. We're already strategizing on next year's event.

The Marinwood Tennis Association would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to the Pros who made this event possible. Jerry Mehciz and Wakana Turner, you two are so amazing! Marinwood is so fortunate to have Pros like you! Molly Neal, Kim Schulist, Kim Iliffe, Birt Phejtrakul, Dave Kowalski, Brian Denny, and Jon Lefferts:  thank you all so much for making this the exciting and fun-filled event that it was. Your patient and encouraging approach made it so enjoyable for the players. And you were all still cheerful after 4-plus hours of tennis.

A special big thank you as well to all the amateur players who contributed so much to the court resurfacing fund:  Maida Brankman, Islay Fossett, Teri Randall, Jennifer Nedd, Matin Torabian, Mitchell Bearg, Jay Zimmerman, Sacha Drazien, Elysia Scott, Francie Burkhard, Christy Webster, Dolores Roque, Carla Willey, Joy Fossett, Mike Malik, Jonathan Ivory, Tom Schmidt, and Jeff Birkenseer.

We would also like to thank our sponsors, T&B Sports of San Rafael and Santa Rosa, Marinwood Market, and PlayTennisMarin. You gave us such great support and were integral to the fund raising.

And of course, thank you so much to the hardworking volunteers who labored so tirelessly all day to keep things rolling like a well-oiled machine: Karen Rhodes and Gina Gogna - wow! you two were the nuclear core that fueled the day. Lynne Apostle - your preparations and hard work kept us all fed and earned a bunch of extra bucks! Betsy Fox, your set-up help and procurement runs were indispensable. Hamid Karimiyanha, Jose Vaz, Gustavo Evangelista, and Ian Scott - great work keeping the play on schedule and tracking the scores. We couldn't have done it without you. Sue Mattos and Bernie McCarthy, thank you so much for all your help setting up. And special thanks to the folks who baked goodies to sell and power the players: Lynne Apostle, Bernie McCarthy, Dana Gray, Stella Norman, Jan Lubeck, Betsy Fox, Christy Webster, Wakana Turner, Francie Burkhard, and Camille Camporeale.

And thank you to all the spectators who braved the cold and came out to cheer on the players!

And finally, Francie Burkhard, what can we say. Thank you so very much for all your coordinating and administering and communicating to make the Pro-Am function so successfully! You made it happen!

Looking forward to doing it again next year!

The Marinwood Tennis Association